About Bill Vollmer

If someone would have told me that I would be a practicing energy healer 10 years ago I wouldn’t even have understood what that meant. I didn’t know what energy healing was. I grew up on a farm where working morning to night was the norm, it was the expected. I was raised Catholic believing in God and being taught that all of this suffering in this lifetime was going to help me “pave” my way to heaven. I was afraid of all things dark and I lived my life based on fear. I became angry, angry with myself, angry with my circumstances, angry with my life. The smallest incident could release a torrent of ugliness directed at one or directed at everyone. In an attempt to avoid the feelings of fear and anger, I learnt to hide and deny those feelings. I didn’t know what happiness was.

10 years ago, my wife Lynn was in a deep depression and eventually started her journey of self-realization and awareness. Little did I know at the time, that her journey was also the beginning of my journey. Lynn has opened so many doors of “awareness” and of “awakening” for our family – I am truly and genuinely grateful. She has held space for our family to proceed at a pace that aligns with each of our paths.

I have tried many healing modalities. Each have helped me to advance my awakening. I am an IT Project Manager and since my “awakening”, I manage projects through gratitude, respect, recognition and love. I believe each positive encounter sends a positive energy ripple into the world. The more positive energy ripples that are created the more positive energy that exists. The more positive energy that exists, the brighter the path of enlightenment becomes for all.

The Universal Sphere® has given me another way to contribute to making our world a more positive place.

I’d like to share a couple of the instances where I have witnessed a profound outcome through the use of a Universal Sphere®.

The project team had been working on an IT project for more than 16 months. It was finally ready for implementation. Part of that implementation process is to move all of the project content from a non-client facing environment to a client facing environment. This is the final critical step of the process in implementing an IT project. Due to the size of our project, there was major concern that it would take more then 6+ hours to implement, which would have client impacting consequences. Our project team was more optimistic and had estimated it would take about 3 hours. Prior to our implementation, I had placed a Universal Sphere® on the team, on the hardware and on the network that we would be implementing our project over. We had a super successful implementation, everything flowed so effortlessly. It took just over 90 minutes to complete. Thank you, Universal Sphere®.

It is in the middle of the night and I am jolted awake by Tehya’s cries of distress. I glance at the clock, it is 2:17 AM. I jump out of bed and rush to Tehya’s room. Tehya is asleep; but crying for help – she is having a nightmare. I sit on the side of her bed and gently stroke her head, letting her know that I am here. Most times, this is all that Tehya needs and she would settle, knowing she is safe and loved – but not tonight. Her cries continue and increase in intensity. I start stroking more of her body, her arms, her legs trying to break Tehya’s sleep. Tehya sits up and the crying pauses for a moment but then resumes almost immediately. Tehya’s eyes are wide open; but she isn’t awake. She is sitting up and staring past me and past Lynn, who has now joined me in Tehya’s room. She is staring at something or someone she sees in her room. We continue to cuddle Teyha, she quiets temporarily and then starts crying again.

This isn’t Tehya’s first instance of not being able to wake up from a nightmare. The last time this occurred it took Lynn more than 30 minutes to settle Tehya back down to a peaceful sleep.

Lynn climbs into bed with Tehya and gets her to lay down – Tehya continues to cry uncontrollably.

I head back to our room feeling helpless and wanting to help. I remember learning about the Universal Sphere – at this point I’m willing to try anything.

I sit on our bed frantically remembering the steps to create a Universal Sphere, wanting to help but feeling overwhelmed and wondering if I can do this? I focus, I clear my mind, I focus on my heart and the energy and the intent of the Universal Sphere and within 5 secs of releasing the Universal Sphere for Tehya, she has stopped crying and has fallen into a peaceful restful sleep. Thank you, Universal Sphere®.

I am so excited about sharing Universal Sphere® with the world.

If you were given an energetic hand-up, where would you use yours?


I had made a decision to make a pretty substantial life change but there was a lot of confusion around it as to how to make it happen. After doing a Universal Sphere session with Bill things have been moving forward with this change very rapidly with clear messages coming through as to what steps to take. Bill was very diligent on making sure that we had the true goal in mind and guided me to this with ease. I would recommend Bill Vollmer and the Universal Sphere technique to anyone needing help to clear the path to move forward in your life. Thanks Bill, looking forward to working with you more.


The session was incredibly useful simply by its format. Bill listened carefully to what I wanted and by asking clarifying questions, we were able to reduce my somewhat scattered wants/needs to a very focused and succinct formula. I love this result, as I have released this formula to the Universe, and I’m no longer scattering my energy by being distracted by all of those different factors. When I do think about them, I can see them in the form of that focused concise formula. Bill was very kind and empathetic during the process and I did not feel judged at all for any of what I requested or shared. I’m so glad I booked the session. Things are definitely changing for me.


I was drawn to the Universal Sphere because I was frustrated and seeking clarity in my life. I literally had more questions than answers. Since the session, I am uncharacteristically calm. While I don’t yet have all the answers, I am not worried. The absence of my ever-present anxiety is proof that the process works. I look forward to seeing how things unfold.