Classes & Workshops

Journey To Change

Monthly drop in Journey to Change healing events are geared to guide you to living a life with authenticity by discovering who you really are and meant to be. Journey within, through focused and guided meditations. Gain clarity, insight and wisdom and the keys to unlock your limitations. Releasing what no longer serves you, allowing you to step into your truth, into your personal power and into more love, move joy, move fun, more abundance. MORE.


Intuitive Development
Following Your Intuition is Finding Your Way Home!

Intuition is not for the spiritually gifted or for those who meditate all day. Intuition is a tool for each and every one of us. So let’s learn how to use it so we can consciously choose to live a soul led life. THE ONLY REAL VALUABLE THING IS INTUITION – Albert Einstein

ThetaHealing® Basic DNA

The first foundational class of ThetaHealing®. Learn how to change your own limited beliefs to create positive cellular changes in your life, how to talk to the body, how to bring in healing using the power of Creator and ….

ThetaHealing® Advanced DNA

The second foundational class of ThetaHealing®. Gain a deeper understanding of the 7 planes of existence, learn the 8 different ways of getting to your deep core limited beliefs, a healing of the broken soul and….

InnerChild Abundance
Your gateway to FREEDOM!

InnerChild Abundance is meant to allow you to look at your past objectively to create positive and lasting changes on a cellular level so you may step into your full abundance. Abundance of self-love, relationships, connections, joy, financial prosperity and freedom. This workshop is designed to clear away and release your limited beliefs stemming from your child hood, any pain and trauma associated with it so you can fully embody and embrace who you are and are meant to be.