Intuitive Development


Following your intuition is finding you way home!

2 Day Workshop





Time: 9:00 am to 5:30 pm
Prerequisite: None


2 Day Class: $333.00 + GST
Non-refundable Deposit: $100.00
(Balance of $233.00 + GST is due 1st day of class)

Payment plans available. 

About the Workshop

Have you ever considered, that what you seek is not outside of you?

Have you ever said to yourself, “I knew I should have done that” or “something told me to do that?”

That something is your intuition.

Intuition, is that non-physical part of you.  It is also known as your Higher-self or Higher-knowing.  It communicates with you and guides you in many ways.  Think of it like your very own personal GPS…guiding you to find the best parking spot or to help you get that perfect job.  You can use your intuition for answering the smallest to the biggest questions in your life.

How great would it be to ask a question and know the answer? To know what to do about a certain predicament.  To tune in and trust your own guidance.

As babies and young children we did what brought us happiness.  We knew we were meant to seek out and find joy.  This was the beginning of following our intuition in this 3D reality…so what happened?

I invite you to come to this fun and interactive 2 day workshop to find out and learn about…

  • How intuitive you are…you just needed to tune out the noise and turn up the volume to your truth and what is.
  • How to get your GPS back on track and keep it on track.
  • Meet your Higher-self, your Angelic team and your guides.
  • Learn how to communicate, take guidance and create a special relationship with your intuition.
  • Learn about the Chakras and their importance to your everyday life.
  • Look at and release some blocks and limitations.
  • Learn the difference between the EGO vs INTUITION
  • And so much more.

Intuition is not for the spiritually gifted or for those who meditate all day.  Intuition is a tool for each and every one of us.  So let’s use it!


Meditations brought most healing and understanding.
Magnificent weekend!! Releasing my stuff and allowing me to step into the whole of me was my favourite part. Absolutely amazing people!
The workshop is beautiful. I am so thankful that you have your Theta background. It adds to this so much.
Intuitive Development should be taught to everyone. Thank you for sharing your gift! It was a true blessing to meet you.
Thank you for an incredible 2 days. My new guides are incredible. You opened up my ability to connect. Thank you.
It was perfect, I will absolutely recommend this workshop to my friends. I want to see them develop as much as I saw my-self developing.
The meditations were very powerful. It was wonderful. Great energy!! I learned a lot about where I am and need to go.
Spirit brought me to you. I am eternally grateful. Thank you is such a small word for the magnitude of change you brought me.
I want all my friends and loved ones to experience this amazing life changing course. I can’t wait to take more courses. It could not have been better. Thank you for your guidance.
OMG! I cannot wait to share what a pleasant experience this was. It was awesome! Thank you for a life changing weekend!

Intuitive Development Disclaimer

Being engaged in this 2 day workshop will likely create energy ripple in different areas of your life. Lynn asks that you enter the space with sincere dedication as you awaken or strengthen your Intuitive Sense. Having and experiencing strong emotions in these workshops is very normal. It is important that you honour the space you are in and allow these emotions to process rather than try to stop them. Releases, epiphanies and healings are to be expected as you gain clarity and knowledge during the meditations. Entering this workshop you acknowledge Lynn is not responsible for the effects these guided meditation may have upon you, what it may uncover or how you may interpret the information.