Journey to Change

Monthly Drop-In Healing Event

2019 monthly event dates below


1 Event: $40.00 + GST


Date: Date coming soon.

Join LIVE online via Zoom in the comfort of your own home. Please note that we require everyone joining online to register 1 day prior to event.

Time: 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Prerequisite: None
NOTE: Registration is required for both in person and online. Everyone who registers will receive a video replay to watch and listen at your own convenience, even those who do not attend. Those attending in person note the door close at 6:25 pm sharp.


About the Event

Monthly drop in Journey to Change healing events are geared to guide you to living a life with authenticity by discovering who you really are and meant to be.

Empowered, Passionate and Free – this is the life you were meant to lead. Journey within, through focused and guided meditations. Gain clarity, insight and wisdom and the keys to unlock your limitations. Releasing what no longer serves you, allowing you to step into your truth, into your personal power and into more love, move joy, move fun, more abundance. MORE.

I invite you to join me for this exciting and expanding evening of meditation.

Things you may want to bring:

  • Journal and a good pen.
  • A pillow and blanket to spread out and sit on during meditation.
  • A yoga mat or other material to relax or lie down on if needed.
  • Slippers or thick socks to keep your feet warm.
  • A water bottle to stay hydrated.
  • An open mind to allow your soul to guide you to awaken to your truth.

About the Facilitator


Lynn Vollmer

Spiritual Teacher & Mentor, ThetaHealing® Master, and Instructor.

Lynn is passionate about wholistic change – bridging the mind-body-soul and stepping away from an old way of “doing” and expanding into a new way of “being”. She has appeared in radio, magazines and e-articles to talk about the importance of belief work and how what we think, believe and feel project a mirror image of who we are in our present day.

Lynn has been on a journey of personal and spiritual change for the past 20 years. With all the different energy healing modalities Lynn has studied over the years learning how to do her own belief work has been the biggest life changing. She is her own testimonial as to how belief work can create change in one’s own life – changing limiting beliefs associated with deep rooted childhood abuse and depression to expanding beliefs of love, joy, acceptance, abundance and much more.

Lynn is passionate about sharing her knowledge with those who are ready to let go of their limitations, step into a space of allowance to discover one’s true potential and create deep lasting cellular changes.

Change happens when you are ready to allow something magical come into your life!

Journey to Change Disclaimer

Being engaged in these 2 hour workshops whether done in person or online will likely create energy ripples in different areas of your life. Lynn asks that you enter the space with sincere dedication as you awaken to your truth. Most of the workshops will be held in social silence and inner-reflection as you are guided in different areas of your life where you may have experienced and/or suffered trauma. Having and experiencing strong emotions in these workshops is very normal. It is important that you honour the space you are in and allow these emotions to process rather than try to stop them. Releases, epiphanies and healings are to be expected as you gain clarity and knowledge during the meditation. Entering these workshops you acknowledge Lynn is not responsible for the effects these guided meditations may have upon you, what it may uncover or how you may interpret the information.