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Belief-Work & Healing Session – Individual

A belief work & healing session can be the best gift you give yourself or someone else. Each issue, challenge and pain whether it is on physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level is held in place by its’ own sets of beliefs. With belief work we can discover and unravel where these limiting beliefs originated from so they can easily be released – helping you move forward in your life.

What is Belief-Work?

Session Details
  • 1 hour session $125.00 + GST
    • We will work on issues and challenges in your life that are presently causing you grief. Whether it be on a physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual level.
    • In belief work, an issue or challenge is rarely about that issue. It just shows itself as that issue. You may be surprised by the origin of the challenge. The point is to stay open minded and let your cellular memory do the talking as it guides us to the core of the issue so it may be changed.
    • Sometimes we have had so much trauma that it is unrealistic to expect it to be gone and fully healed in 1 session. If you think about how long it has taken your body to accumulate some of these limited beliefs, then it is safe to say that it may take more than 1 session to unravel the story so you may feel safe enough to let it go.
    • Be kind to yourself and allow yourself the space needed to heal.
    • Come well hydrated (water…not coffee)

Belief-Work & Healing Session – Group

There is POWER in numbers! Pick a topic for the evening, gather around in the comfort of your own home and let’s create a vortex of cellular healing.

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Session Details:

  • 2 hours – $350.00 + GST
  • Min 3 people, Max 6 people
  • As a group we will focus on 1 topic for the evening. Lynn will tune into the energy of the group and start the session by asking pointed question for one person or more to voluntarily answer. Together we will find your deep seeded limited beliefs/patterns and change them to something more powerful. The dynamics of group work can truly be amazing. The people that choose to come together will find they have similar stories and belief systems to release and change. As we participate and individually acknowledge our own truth and our Ah Ha moments it intensifies the energy of the group because it resonates with everyone as a whole unit. Thus creating a deeper healing with a sense of comradery as you realize you are not alone, and that you have never been alone.
  • The first 15 minutes will be spent explaining what Belief-Work is, how it works, the rules of group work and answer any questions.
  • 1 ½ hours will be Belief-Work session
  • Last 15 minutes will be spent answering any questions

NOTE: As we find deep seeded beliefs it is extremely common to experience an eruption of deep emotion. It is important that you feel comfortable with the people in the group.

Crystal Visioning Session

Crystal Visioning is a 1 1/2 – 2 hour session of complete fun, fascination and discovery. Hang on to your hat as you’re guided to remote view 3 past lives and 1 future life.

Crystal Visioning was created by Christina E. High-Hardy, a practicing psychic and Spiritual Ad-visor. She has been involved in metaphysical teachings and soul development since 1987. With the use of crystals she was able to enhance the process of therapy, clearing out old patterns and behaviors. While using the crystals Christina was able to help clients assess their past and future lives, review powerful lifetimes and downloaded the clients gifts and lessons learned at a subconscious level and the DNA level.

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Benefits Include:

  • Discover past life relationships with loved ones.
  • View, collect and bring back knowledge to this life.
  • Let go of old patterns that do not serve you.
  • Bring in lessons learned from the past and any unique gifts.
  • Communicate with your spirit guides or guardian angels to seek answers and guidance.
  • Receive answers regarding your souls’ path and mission.
  • Visit other planets, galaxies or just explore the earth’s plane.
  • Session: 1 ½ to 2 hours $188.00 + GST

Universal Sphere® Session with Bill Vollmer

A Universal Sphere® is an energetic sphere of the highest vibrational energy tailored to the specific person(s), situation(s) and circumstance(s). It is personalized to the highest degree, to foster the best possible outcome for all.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed and unsure where to go, what to do, how to move forward? Wouldn’t it be nice, to be able to have a hand-up, in those situations? Universal Sphere® is an energetic hand-up from the highest vibrational source possible.

Universal Spheres can be used for people, situations, events, businesses, animals, homes, land, objects, and much more.

It is the means to work with the unseen of our world.

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