You are great! Great job today. I never worked that much with the religious beliefs before. Wow, there was lots with those beliefs. Thank you.

R. Klus Nov. 8, 2018

Hi Lynn, I have had a few “tests” since our last session ad have gone off of my antidepressants. More joyful moments have been creeping in so I am very impressed! Thank you for your ability to connect and for working with me. It is making a difference.

J.M. Oct. 29, 2018

I knew I had to book a session with Lynn (but at time was not exactly clear on what the nudging was about). I always felt resistance of some sort, something holding me back that was not clear, but that “something” needed to be healed. I had a very profound session with Lynn, which brought about a much needed healing and clearing on a genetic/ancestral level. Lynn took me deeper into the issues that came up and made me feel safe as she witnessed the deep healing that was occuring. This one session benefited not only me, but my entire family! I feel free! I now feel that I no longer have to follow a path that is defined by ancestral lineage, but one that I create with my own free will. Whenever I have a session with Lynn, I know “she’s got my back” and I am grateful each day, that she does this work because it helps people create a better life for themselves. If you are seriously ready to do your work, I would highly recommend booking a session with Lynn! ~ Christine Seeta

Christine Seeta, August 2, 2018

Hi Lynn, I wanted to let you know I had a very deep healing experience since our time together. It came in a way that truly did surprise me. I did not notice it coming…lol. But it was very profound. Not an experience that is easy to explain. But it was very easy to feel. I am going to book another session with you once this one settles. Thanks for this gift. I love the way it was delivered and I loved the tears that flowed. See you again…Love Sheila

Sheila, June 2018

Lynn is a true gift and from the moment I met her I knew our paths were meant to cross.
I walk in so broken and left the appointment feeling much better and totally inspired by my own future. After our meeting I followed her suggestions and now I feel like a brand new person on a way to recovery. Her energy, presence, guidance and love is like nothing I ever experienced before and I feel so fortunate to have found her.
Thank you again

Magda, July 2018

All I can say is “WOW”! In a session I had with Lynn, I experienced deep, profound healing. I received insight and clarity into issues I did not even know were clouding my life. Lynn made sure I felt safe and supported throughout the session, so I could just focus on my healing. I am thankful to Lynn for her kindness, wisdom, compassion and unconditional love. I would recommend anyone ready for deep healing to book a session with Lynn. ❤

My life has ever been changed by our sessions! I am a different person!

Christine S. October 2017

Just wanted to say thank you, I feel like a totally different person after our last session. Also my intestines calmed down immediately, and well everything is awesome. It is truly amazing how much my perception has changed. What a difference.

N.P. May 2017

Just letting you know that I feel so much better. What a difference!! Thank you!

G.B May 2017

Lynn, thank you so much for the session on Tuesday. It has completely changed how I feel/think about my boyfriend. It has saved my relationship with him. Thank you.

E.P., October 2016

Hi Lynn, I wanted to say THANK YOU. You’re a very bright Light! I’m happy and grateful to have you working with me. I’m feeling much calmer and at peace since our sessions. Love and Blessings.

Joana C., November 2015

Hi Lynn, The session I had with you had a profound effect on me, changed my life, and opened me in so many ways I find it hard to even remember the details of the session, but the energy shift was amazing. I look forward to working with you again when you can. And also coming down sometime after October possibly to do a course with you. Blessings to you and yours , hope to chat soon..:)

N.L.P., September 2015

As a student of Touch For Health, in a Body Management Class in 2001, I discovered that my stomach and my large intestine had moved out of the optimum location. Since then on a regular basis by myself or with a practioner I have adjusted both organs back. The week following a ThetaHealing session with Lynn where we cleared some childhood shame, guilt and pain that I had swallowed at 5 or 6 years of age. When I received y next Touch For Health session the practitioner could not believe both organs were in correct place. He tested it three ties as he could not believe it! Love Theta!!!

Juey Ann, June 2015

Hi Lynn, Thankyou for the superb training in Theta Healing! The course was fantastic, You are a very gifted teacher.
I wrote you a Thankyou card, only to find that I don’t actually have an address for you, so this will have to do!~
WOW! That session you did with me was incredible. I feel so “together” , calm, serene, and that radiates out. People are noticing a difference in me as well. The feelings are just getting better every day. So Thank You!

Kathy B., June 2015

Hi Lynn,

Thank you for working with my Sister today, I am so grateful for your help. Thank you, Thank You! Thank you! She sounds so much better, renewed, relaxed, energized! She says she feels alive again! Best of all she sounds happy and she says she feels great. She doesn’t want to sleep her life away anymore! It’s awesome to get my sister back!

D.T. Bowden, May 2015

Lynn, whatever happened in our session I feel like I can finally settle into my home! Like it is mine to live and feel free in. Like my house will now be a HOME! Thank You!

C.T., Edmonton, May 2015

I can honestly say that I think some magic happened on Tuesday. I am completely in love with theta healing and feel like a new girl. I am so thankful and full of gratitude that you and theta healing have been brought into my life. There really aren’t words to describe this process and some things cannot be given a real price..too often we are “tricked” into what we should or shouldn’t spend money on and sadly I think our society had it all wrong: we buy cars and houses and toys and stuff… When real VALUE is found in things like theta healing, personal development, or anything that truly allows us to heal.

Chantel M., May 2014, Edmonton, Alberta

Theta has been a wonderful experience.. A gift that is unexplainable.. Lynn brings happiness and clarity and without judgement is able to bring forth the strength that we all have within. After a session with Lynn I had never felt such happiness and strength.. Theta is the answer to whatever question you have.. if you are reading this than you as well are ready to feel the joy of theta.. Starting with a session with Lynn.

Lesley Gallagher, March, 2014

Wow! Theta healing rocks!!! Lynn Vollmer and her class of healers did something amazing for me today! For over a year I’ve been suffering with a subluxation in my hip and my sacrum being twisted. Today I volunteered to her class for them to practice a group healing and they focused on my hip. It hurt a little while they worked there, but oh my God! The result was amazing!!! I had my chiropractic appointment today at 3 as well, and my chiropractor was amazed!!! She said my pelvis is perfectly aligned, she didn’t have to adjust my pelvis at all! I am so amazed! So shocked! Absolutely blown away! Lynn and her team absolutely worked a miracle for me today!!! With my pelvis being properly aligned now, it opens the way for my sacrum to finally straighten out, and for my cycle to hopefully come back. 2014 is starting out to be a great year so far!!! Thank you all so much! !!!

Amber, January, 2014, Alberta

A Bright Future
My experience with theta has been nothing but positive and amazing. Since my first session with Lynn, my life has only gotten better. I know now what it feels like to be happy and accepting of all the things in life. Thanks to theta healing, I see a bright future:-)

…also, taking theta classes with Lynn was a wonderful experience. Her home felt very welcoming and comfortable. The learning process was fun and easy going:-)

Lisa Johannesson

Thank you Lynn for the kindness, compassion, and uncanny ability to get to the root of what I perceived as the problem…sometimes what I didn’t know was even there. Lynn you have a gift a very special gift that I wholeheartedly trust and admire. Anyone who is considering coming to you will be incredibly blessed when they do. You are a true healer!
Thank you with love and gratitude.

Bobbi Siffledeen, June 24, 2013

Dear Lynn,

You are an excellent theta healer. I deeply appreciate and have the utmost confidence in your body scans and past life information. I find that this knowledge grounds me and helps me focus on the issues I really need to deal with. You are incredibly patient facilitating Creator’s work through all my negative thinking and blocks and you consistently work through to that point of transformation in me. I’ve changed life patterns and behaviours because of you and am so enriched by your whole-hearted commitment to theta and your clients. Keep up the fantastic theta healing work!

With much gratitude,

Marianne, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

All my childhood, I’ve been sexually abused by my father and as a woman at times I felt that I didn’t have the nerve to confront things or situations, but through a session with Lynn, she brought me back to when I was a child and I saw that little girl refuse her fathers sexual games although she was very much afraid of him. I saw the reason I was running away from situations was because I could see myself running away from altercations with dad and thought I had to run away from life, but now I see how much courage and strength that little girl had, to refuse and walk away from her father, and now I don’t need to walk away from anything, just face. Through one of Lynn’s session she brought me to a time when I was only about 5 years old. I was called by a friends mom to visit her sick son. I remember walking and on my way another lady from the neighborhood asked me to visit her daughter and I said politely I was going to visit a sick friend. This session made me realize how much determination this little girl had and how much focused she was on her friend and not on herself, cause I feel today I focus too much on myself and stop myself from helping others in need. Lynn has also helped me face the fear of being alone, now I focus on dealing one day at a time and that I only have to be joyous and happy for just today, and don’t worry for tomorrow it will have its own problems, live for today and let yesterday go by and live happy today. During high school I met this girl and we became friends, she was very cautious of her weight and I never was until I met her, she never accepted me as I was, and I grew up never accepting me as I was in my weight. Through a session with Lynn she made me realize that even though I am small in weight I see myself as big but now I’ve let that go and love all of the person that I am today. The last 5 months I’ve been suffering with bad tension headaches. The Doctor has put me on muscle relaxing pill which helped and a couple of weeks ago on my last session with Lynn I noticed that I felt so good that I would forget to take my medication, and when I took the meds. I would have a headache, so I weened myself off gradually, and now I am medication free with only a mild headache so far.

From Yarmouth Nova Scotia

I have been angry most of my adult life. Most people have not been aware of this, because I have learnt to keep it under tight control; but, just under the surface it sits and waits, waiting for an opportunity to be released. This level of control is tiring. I have missed out on enjoying a lot of good that has happened in my life and in my family. Through Theta Healing, Lynn has help identify the key beliefs behind these emotions and have released them. I am now able to relax and am seeing life totally different. Things no longer aggravate me the way they used to. I am a calmer person inside and out.

January 13, 2013

“I must suffer to be close to God.” I have held this negative belief for many life times. I wasn’t aware of this belief, just that life seemed extremely unfair and I always had to work twice as hard as the next person to get ahead. Lynn released this negative belief through Theta Healing and success is coming much easier to me. I now look forward to each day, expecting good things to happen.

Feb 14, 2013, Tom, Edmonton, Alberta

In the movie “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas”, there is a scene when the Grinch is on top of the mountain about to throw all of presents over and he hears the villagers singing from down below and his heart grows 3 times bigger because of the realization that Christmas is about love and giving.

This is the closest description I can use to describe the way I felt after a healing session with Lynn. I had been carrying 2 negative beliefs “God doesn’t love me.”, and “God didn’t protect me.”. Lynn released both of these negative beliefs and the overwhelming feeling of love radiating everywhere gave me such a burst of energy that I can only liken it to the experience the Grinch had on top of the mountain. The following day I noticed I still had this extra energy and my heart felt full of love. I noticed in my commute to work that I had extra excitement about life and my mind seemed lighter. It is an exhilarating feeling having this extra “weight” lifted off of me. You have so much energy and capacity for life when these anchors are removed. Thank-you. Thank-you Lynn Vollmer. Thank-you Theta Healing.

January 24, 2013