InnerChild Abundance

Your Gateway to FREEDOM!

Module 1 – Brick-Wall, Jellyfish, Backbone


Location: TBA


Time: 9:00am – 5:00pm
Prerequisite: Intuitive Development is recommended but NOT a prerequisite
Water, tea and coffee will be provided.


2 Day Class: $333.00 + GST
Non-refundable Deposit: $100.00 + GST
(Balance of $233.00 + GST due 1st day of class)

About the Workshop

As Divine souls we chose to be born into this 3D reality, into our physical bodies and into our present family – Meaning we chose this life, we chose our families and we chose our teachings.  This is our souls learning ground.

In our life’s journey we bring people and experiences into our paths to assist in our soul’s growth, development and expansion.  Some of these experiences have been hurtful and traumatic leaving us with emotional, mental, spiritual and physical scars.

InnerChild Abundance –Brick-wall, Jellyfish, Backbone will guide you on your self-discovery. Letting go of those scars, transitioning to self-love, self-nurturance and self-empowerment.  Re-building your foundation with your soul’s truth, teachings and learnings.

In this workshop you will…

  • Learn how to connect with and listen to your inner child.
  • Learn about the different types of families and their characteristics.
  • Uncover which family you chose to be born into and WHY.
  • Learn the importance of “getting into the story” to gain insight of your soul’s journey and desires.
  • Release the old story and what no longer serves you and your inner child to bring healing on all levels.
  • Bring in forgiveness and create a new story.
  • Learn how to check-in with your inner child to ensure he/she is not blocking your success.
  • Build a stronger foundation with your first 3 Energy Centers to start creating a greater abundance.
  • Learn how to choose and step into a new way of BE-ing!
  • …and so much more!

Your inner child is the source of your true identity.  It is genuine, innocent, pure and totally connected to your heart.  By honouring your inner child you are choosing to be loyal to the real you.

Awaken and heal the inner child – it is your gateway to freedom.