Universal Sphere

Universal Sphere Practitioner Class

January 18, 2020


Location: PuraVida Wellness Studio
14920 Stony Plain Road Edmonton, AB T5P 3X8
Time: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Hosted By: Bill Vollmer


1 Day Class: $287 + GST = $301.35

Early Registration Price: 25% off if paid in full by Jan 3rd 2019. $215 + GST = $225.75

To complete registration send e-transfer to bill@beyondtodaybeyondtomorrow.com

About the Course

Do you ever feel overwhelmed and unsure where to go, what to do, how to move forward? Wouldn’t it be nice, to be able to have a hand-up, in those situations?

Universal Sphere® is an energetic hand-up from the highest vibrational source possible. It is tailored to the specific person(s), situation(s) and circumstance(s) and is personalized to the highest degree, to foster the best possible outcome for all.  Universal Spheres® are so effective because they bring in the energy of infinite possibilities to the person, situation and/or circumstance, opening the door for new outcomes.

You will learn how to create a Universal Sphere® for:

  • Yourself, family and friends
  • Situations and events
  • Homes and Businesses
  • Plants and Animals
  • …and much more!

The Universal Sphere® is the means to work with the unseen of our world.

I now spend the majority of my time as the vacation-me. I’m not on vacation; but, it just feels more like I am.

How did I change from being the day-to-day-me the majority of the time to now being the vacation-me the majority of the time? Universal Spheres.

With the help of Universal Spheres and some dedicated self-reflection time each day I have changed my perspective on life and indeed my life circumstances. I used to feel helpless to change life’s circumstances. Now I know I can influence and change them.

Universal Spheres have given me the “Power to Change”.

I am enjoying life more than I ever have and I can say my family is much happier seeing the vacation-me much more than the day-to-day-me. Thank you Universal Spheres.

Universal Spheres is not a miracle drug.  It does require regular effort.  With as little as 15 minutes a day you can develop the “Power to Change” your circumstances that no longer serve you.

  • Would you like more joy?  > You can have it.
  • Would you like less stress? > You can have it.
  • Would you like more $$$?  > You can have it.
  • Would you like peace-of-mind?  > You can have it.
  • Would you like more love?  > You can have it.
  • Would you like greater clarity?  > You can have it.

I invite you to join me and everyone that is ready to change life’s circumstances with the “Power to Change” on Sept 28, 2019 for a 1-day class on Universal Spheres.

About the Facilitator

Bill Vollmer

Universal Sphere® Practitioner & Instructor

I have tried many healing modalities. Each have helped me to advance my awakening. I am an IT Project Manager and since my “awakening”, I manage projects through gratitude, respect, recognition and love. I believe each positive encounter sends a positive energy ripple into the world. The more positive energy ripples that are created the more positive energy that exists. The more positive energy that exists, the brighter the path of enlightenment becomes for all.

The Universal Sphere® has given me another way to contribute to making our world a more positive place.