What is Theta Healing®?

ThetaHealing® is an all encompassing energy healing modality.  It is very well known for creating cellular change throughout the body by doing what we call “belief work”. Every experience we have gets recorded in our cellular memory and what we think and what we feel is held in place with a belief system.  These belief systems can work for us or work against us.  In ThetaHealing we find the limited beliefs that work against us and change them – thus creating cellular change throughout the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

ThetaHealing is well known for giving you the tools to do belief work yet it is so much more.

This modality will also teach you how to connect to Source, your angels, your guides and your genetic memory.  You will learn about the magic of being in a theta brain wave and how to acquire a theta brain wave in less than a minute.  You will learn how to read the energy of the body and detect blocked energy.  How to release unwanted energies and keep your electromagnetic field clear so you’re clear.  How to bring in a healing, how to witness change, the power of intention and so much more.

To learn more about ThetaHealing® and it’s 2 foundational classes click here and here.

To learn more about the origins of ThetaHealing® and its’ founder Vianna Stibal click here or click on the video below to see how Vianna’s Stibal is moving america forward.

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Vianna Stibal and Moving America Forward